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Whisper of the Heart 伉痩議暴囂 褒囂斤孚 簡灸潤惚 Whisper of the Heart [窮唹]迦串買油; 伉岻紅; . ----------------------------------- 泌嗤夘諒散哭弖諒 諾吭萩泣似嘔貧圭‐僉葎諾吭指基/梓泥

嶄猟兆魂犇買油、伉岻紅、知暫富溺瞬床伉買油 晩猟兆唆をすませば

侭俶厮窟僕萩廣吭臥心低議喨 嗤焚担諒籾祥泣似弖諒賜宀指鹸喨周 状誼挫芝誼式扮寡追諒籾仍仍 ‐豊半声弼噌院吭-妖錦/弌梁哲予宮 !!!星鍛


窮唹ゞ棒別〃頭硫爆頁:ゞCareless Whisper〃才ゞAngel of the Morning〃 ゞ...To the heart and mind ignorance is kind There's no comfort in the truth...

歓返垢鍬咎填最最萩屶隔屎井込込... Shipwreck in the sea of faces痴払壓達達繁今 There's a dreamy world up there 垓侃嗤匯倖知暫弊順 Dear friends in higher places 附侃互侃議涛嗔断 Carry me away from here 萩揮厘宣蝕緩仇杏 Travel...

The pieces of my heart are missing youWhen you're goneThe face I came ...scooch on over closer dear I'll whisper in your earOh yes love love ...

The joy in my heart no words can reveal Over and over I whisper your name Over and over I kiss you again I see the light of love in your eyes...

Light in my heart the everning star of rest and then let the night whisper to me of love. 壓厘議伉遊伴泣軟絡貧俚蹶岻佛杏,隼朔斑菜匚鯲匍聴。

4 Will of the heart -- 棒舞峨爆 5 compassion -- 棒舞 6 Peaceful ...35 whisper of the apocalypse -- 棒舞ost 36 Fade To Black A04a -- ...

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