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was to do 过去时的将要做某事,was 动名词 过去某个时候正在做某事

看情况, 如果是过去正在做什么 ,就用过去进行时 was doing sth ,如He was watching Tv when i came in. 但是be to do 是be 动词+ 不定式。表示将来,命令。命运等, 如 he is to present the awards at the meeting tomorrow.

be to do sth. 即将做某事,准备做某事,计划做某事 was, 是am/is 的过去式

See sb. do sth.这个戴短语当中的do 其实是省略了to 的动词不定式,被动语态中,省略的to 要加上

be going to do是打算做什么的意思 用了was/were表示是一般过去时态,没有冲突。

当然有区别咯 be used to doing 表示习惯了做某事 而你用的是was used to doing,表示过去习惯做某事 used to do 表示过去常常做某事。

过去将来时中,was/were going to与would do的区别would do是单纯的将来陈述,was going to是打算或即将,但在口语中使用无区别,如: She said she was going to be a grandmother in July. She said she would come back the next day. 过去将...

be busy doing sth 其实也可以是 be busy (in) doing sth.意为忙于做某事. 例:I'm busy (in) doing my home work. be busy to do sth.如果是 be too busy to do sth. 那就是too...to...结构了,可以这样用,太忙了以至于不能干什么. 但是如果没有...

determine to do 决定做某事 1. They determined to do this at any cost . 他们不惜任何牺牲来作此事。 2. Hearn was determined to do a perfect job . 候恩决心想要把事情办得无懈可击。 3. Whatever might happen , he was determined to do...

to do表示要去做什么 为了做什么 望采纳 谢谢

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