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•一、I want to put a ding in the universe. •二、Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works 谭...


《Through your eyes》 Look at that cloud As high as a tree At least that’s how it looks to me How about you? What do you see? What if we ...

Uncomfortably Slow - NEWTON FAULKNER 歌词:Travelling again I know exactly how it's gonna end The routine daydream starts to sock it off I'm holding up the queue 'Cause my ticket won't go through I know it should be simple but ...


选A sth cost sb sth,某物花费某人某物 take 做花费理解的用法:it takes sb sth to do sth.

勿以善小而不为 Don't miss doing any good thing no matter how insignificant it looks. 重点词汇释义: miss:女士; 小姐; 失误; 思念; 漏掉; ...

B 考查几个“花费”的区别。“这件连衣裙你穿着很好看。它多少钱?”“1000多元。”spend和pay的主语是人;排除A、D;cost和take的主语是物;cost后加钱;take加时间。故选B。

B 试题分析:true真实的,准确的;real实际的,真实的 ;truly真实地,真诚地;really实际上,事实上。句意:人们现在能打印3-D相机了。——太令人惊奇了。就像一个真的一样。real强调人或事物真实的存在,而不是想像的或虚构的。true 则强调符合...

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