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how it looks

at least that is how it looks as a whole 翻译: 至少那是它整体上看起来的样子

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what 是疑问代词,和介词连用,例如: what does she look like?what is she like? How通常不用于和介词连用,它可以和系动词连用,例如:How does she look? How is she ? 此处look,is都是系动词。what does she look like?what is she like? ...

你好,what更多的表示“什么,是什么”,how表示的是“如何,怎样” 你所提供的句子中,因为题句中有介词like,所以后面要跟what;如果要用how,这个句子就要改为:Do you want to know how it looks?

How does it look?

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You will decide how (you can) build it and what it looks like (on your own ) on your own=all by yourself 独自地/独立地/依靠自己 句意: 你将独立决定如何建造它以及它的外观是什么样子.



选A sth cost sb sth,某物花费某人某物 take 做花费理解的用法:it takes sb sth to do sth.

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