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office director [英][ˈɔfis diˈrektə][美][ˈɔfɪs dɪˈrɛktɚ] n.办公室主任; 例句: 1. Co-chairs of the project oversight committee appoint the national projectoffice director and...

一般是最高职位人的办公室 在企业一般是总裁或总监办公室,也有少部分是经理办公室的意思

首先,个人觉得“室”就不用翻译出来了 Director of Legal Compliance Center Director of Audit Center Director of Finacial Management Center Director of Assets Management Center Chief Operating Officer Director of Business Financing ...

administrative office 办公室, 行政管理办公室 网络释义 各科与各室 行政管理办公室 办公室 希望对你有所帮助 祝学习进步

Office Director 办公室主任 director核心词汇 英 [də'rektə(r)] 美 [də'rektər] n. 董事;经理;导演;主管,总监;指挥者

office director 英 [ˈɔfis diˈrektə] 美 [ˈɔfɪs dɪˈrɛktɚ] n. 办公室主任

General Manager Office

Majordomo's office

董事会办公室主任 Office Director of Board of Directors可简化为:Board Office Director董事会办公室 Office of Board of Directors可简化为 Directorboard Office ...

United States Patent and Trademark Office 美国专利商标局 双语例句: WIPO and EPO fees subject to periodic change due to fluctuations in exchangerate.refer to the official gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office...

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