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你说得对极了 例句: 1. I could not agree more with these concerns. 我十分不同意这些看法。 2. This newspaper could not agree more. 我们对此无比赞同。

i can not agree you more 意思是:我非常赞同你的说法/观点。 举例: I mean I can't agree with you more. 我的意思是我太赞成你不过了。 这里是美语中的固定表达,是不同于汉语的一种表述。 将比较级放在后面,前面用否定,其实表达的意思是...

楼上的意思是:我非常赞同。 就是说他会答应跟你一起参加party的。


could you give me more of his(personal)information before i agree to interview


not...more 否定加比较等于最高 就是most 相当于同意的不能再同意了, 也就是我完全赞同你的看法。 我十分同意您(的意见) can't agree more就是同意的不能再同意了 I can't agree with you more. = I absolutely agree with you.

which will make the distance of our friendship even more far away. So I really would rather talk with you on the internet with the translation software...

could look at me With your eyes you did before...more As we grow older And we both grow miles ...agree there's times When a woman sure can Be ...

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